Angie Rivera

    CSFP Distribution Coordinator

    970-356-2199 x 313




    Bob O'Connor

    Executive Director

    970-356-2199 x 305




    Bob Boswell

    Food Procurement and Transportation Manager

    970-356-2199 x306




    Brandon Clark

    Warehouse Assistant




    Cari Brown-Berig

    Agency Food Coordinator

    970-356-2199 x317




    Cheri Witt-Brown

    Community Engagement Manager

    970-356-2199 x312




    Debbie Pfalzgraff

    Administrative Assistant

    970-356-2199 x 303




    Erika Westfall

    Certification/IT Manager

    970-356-2199 x 309




    Glenn Smithey





    Jay Straight

    Warehouse Manager

    970-356-2199 x 315




    Jessica Barczewski

    Agency Relations/Child Programs Manager

    970-356-2199 x 302




    John Pitman

    Driver/Warehouse Assistant




    Julian Arias






    Laura Young

    Development Assistant

    970-356-2199 x 324




    Natalie Leffler

    Kitchen Manager

    970-356-2199 x 318




    Nataleen Fisher

    CSFP Assistant




    Pat Welte

    Volunteer Coordinator

    970-356-2199 x 307




    Pauline Montalvo

    SNAP Outreach Coordinator

    970-356-2199 x 319




    Robert LeDoux

    CSFP Assistant




    Ruben Roque





    Sandy Griego

    Kitchen Assistant

    970-356-2199 x 318




    Scott Westfall

    Director of Operations

    970-356-2199 x 301




    Stephanie Gausch

    Director of Development

    970-356-2199 x 304




    Weston Edmunds

    Communications Manager

    970-356-2199 x 320




    Yolanda Cruz

    Certification Specialist

    970-356-2199 x 311

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    Food Distributed FY13/14