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Thank you for your interest in supporting local hunger relief by hosting a fundraiser, food drive or promotion to benefit Weld Food Bank, our partner agencies and ultimately the families receiving food.  It is critical to maintain a high level of integrity and community trust; on occasion we have not received the proceeds from events advertised as benefiting Weld Food Bank, which destroys all trust.


Because resources are scarce we want to work together for the best results.  Generally we are able to provide:
    • Assistance in planning the event using history of similar strategies
    • Up to date statistics and messaging
    • Printed materials for your use or that you can download and copy
    • Support for your event (appropriate to the size and scope)
        o Inclusion on our Web site, newsletter, social networks, etc.
        o Barrels for large food drives
        o Food pick ups when the amount far exceeds your ability to deliver


We ask that you:
    • Notify WFB with enough advance notice so collaboration can happen
    • Use the name Weld Food Bank and/or logo only with prior approval.

       (Weld Food Bank needs to review any promotional materials displaying our name or

        logo before distribution.)
    • Clearly identify what benefits will WFB be receiving i.e., 20% of gross sales, all food

       collected, all proceeds, etc.
    • Agree and realize that WFB is not responsible for any damages or injuries related to

       this event
    • Follow all laws and regulations, i.e. raffle licenses, safe food handling, etc.

    • Follow our Style Guide, you can download our logo here.

Please provide the following organization/sponsor information:
        Official organization name:      
        Contact name:      
        Contact phone and email:      
        Mailing address:      
        Why have you chosen Weld Food Bank to benefit from your event?      
        Please describe your organization’s purpose or product:       


Please provide the following information on the actual event:
        Event name:      
        Dates and times:      
        Physical address of event:      
        What will the event provide for WFB?       0 Food            0 Money            0 Both 
        What is your goal for the event?      


We appreciate, so much, your work on behalf of those in need of food assistance in Weld County. Your kind support provides hope and encouragement for the struggling families, children, seniors, disabled and homeless in our community.

Please send completed form to: 

     Stephanie Gausch

     1108 H Street

     Greeley, CO 80631

     970-356-2199 x304



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