Changing Face of Hunger

Results of our most recent Hunger Study

  • Who receives emergency food assistance?

                39% of the members of households served by WFB are children under 18                    years old

  • Employment/Income

                46% of WFB client households include at least one employed adult, up from                    39% in 2006

                -  39.5% of WFB clients' main source of income is from a job

                -  19.5% of clients have no source of income

                -  12.3% of clients main source of income is from Social Security

                -  Average yearly income of WFB client is $13,640

  •  Food Security

                Among all client households served by emergency food programs of WFB, 85%                    are food insecure

                -  46% of WFB clients have very low food security

                -  Adults in 32.5% of the client households did not eat for a whole day at least                     once during the previous 12 months because there was not enough money                    for food

                -  23.6% of clients with children said that their children were hungry at least                    once during the previous 12 months, but they could not afford food 

                -  2/3's of the Colorado seniors (65+) served have limited or uncertain                    availability of food.  Included in that number is 26% of the seniors who are                    hungry because they lack the money to buy food

  •   Many clients have to choose between food and other necessities

                -  50% of WFB clients had to choose between paying for food or rent/mortgage,                    up from 37% in '06

                -  42% of WFB clients had to choose between paying for food or medication, up                    from 37% in 2006

  •  Clients and government food assistance

                21% of WFB clients are receiving SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) benefits

                -  Among households with school-age children, only 7% participate in the                    summer food program

  • Clients and Education

                    -  25% of WFB clients have some college or post high school education

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