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During the 2015-2016 fiscal year, Weld Food Bank distributed more than 11.9 million pounds of food. Of the 11.9 million pounds, 6.4 million was fresh produce, dairy and meat distributed to residents of Weld County.


Much of the food WFB distributes is donated food obtained from national food industries through our membership with Feeding America. We also receive food from community food drives, local farmers, food processors, distributors, restaurants, supermarkets, and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) commodities.  While donated food is preferable for food banks, a great majority of food banks across the nation, including Weld Food Bank, are now purchasing food to supply to non-profit partners and low-income residents in our community.


Weld Food Bank serves as a clearing house and as such is the only food bank operating within our county. As a food bank, our primary focus is to supply food to our 100 partner agencies. Client contact occurs primarily at our Greeley offices, but it also occurs throughout the county with distribution sites in New Raymer, Grover, and Ft. Lupton. Our member agencies take food from our warehouse to feed low-income people in the most rural areas of our county, such as New Raymer and Grover. 


WFB serves a variety of clientele including single parents, working families, the disabled, seniors, homeless and any resident in need. 73% of Weld Food Bank client households have at least one adult who is either working, retired or disabled. 77% of households said at one point they had to choose between paying for food and paying for utilities. 71% of households visited Weld Food Bank for an emergency food box only one or two times.



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